Biotechnology – A Career with Higher Goals


Biotechnology is a field that amalgamates a large number of different sciences and different streams of education. Primarily speaking, biotechnology is a field of education where the streams of engineering technologies are mixed with that of the biological sciences. The stream is still in its nascent stage in India and this is a stream that is yet to develop to higher stages in the country. However, students moving into this stream can have really lucrative career options in the country.

Classes of Students in The Stream – Biotechnology is a stream of education that invites students both from the undergraduate level and also at the master’s level. There are many students who move further ahead to do research and doctorate degrees in the field. This research can be done in foreign universities and also in the top biotechnology college in Dehradun and the other major cities of the nation.

Some of the common undergraduate students who move to this field are those from the BSc section and also from the B tech section.  The study of biotechnology itself can be divided into different streams of either research or development in the arena of biological sciences or those into the industrial processes. Some of the popular genres of research for the domain are those in microbiology, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology.

The outcome of Researches – The different researches that are conducted by the professionals specializing in biotechnology aims at improvising the current state of drugs, so that the different ailments can be treated and can be combated better. Students from the top biotechnology college in Uttarakhand drive researches into the domains of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, agriculture and the environment of the planet in general. Most of these colleges are facilitated with very well equipped and designed laboratories that host the various research works.

On the industrial scale, these biotechnical inventions are driven so that large-scale drugs can be invented and improved; vaccines and biofuels can be improvised and invented.

Career Options – candidates who move into the genre and the stream of biotechnology happen to move ahead for a really dynamic career option. As students of the field of biotechnology, they can move into the genre of research and development. There are a large number of pharmaceutical and drug companies that have large research and development teams on their wings, so that round the year and closely monitored research can be done. This helps the brands to come up with new and better drugs at cheaper rates. In addition to this, you can also find research and development organizations that do field research into various genres such as medicines, vaccines and fuels. These companies are often wings of the government bodies or are funded by large industrialists.

There are a large number of people who move to foreign countries for increased and higher-level researches.

Conclusion – Career options in this field are ones that can help you to make a difference in the world as a whole. The inventions and researches done through this stream of education can help the people of the world lead a better and healthier life as a whole.

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