Choosing SAP Basis as a Career after Graduation

Career after Graduation
Career after Graduation

SAP consulting is usually the career option that freshers to SAP take up. While the choice is considered as popular, in no way is this choice the only choice for SAP freshers. SAP provides multifarious careers, which is why all these careers need to be scrutinized through various filters before a picture is developed. SAP Basis is an important field and the roles and responsibilities of SAP Basis administrators can be determined easily from the SAP BASIS Tutorial.

The careers that branch from SAP include-

  • Functional

This field focuses on specializing in business processes such as finance, controlling, human resources, materials management, and production planning.
SAP is used for conducting the various job duties such as conducting workshops so that data can be collected, presenting options, assisting in the process of decision making, and converting all the business processes that are executed into an SAP configuration format.
Writing functional specifications and design rationales constitute an important part of the functional specialists’ jobs.

  • Business Intelligence

The specialization includes the conversion of raw data into reports, dashboards, and graphical outputs for the people who analyse data and make the required decisions.
The job of BI specialists includes the translation of functional business requirements into technical business requirements, using the available SAP tools to generate reports, dashboards, and other summaries.

  • Technical developer/ABAP developer

This job uses SAP to patch all the voids that occur in the business process. They are responsible for using SAP tools to create project workflows, reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements, and forms.
The job of an ABAP developer is serious as they go a step further than translating business requirements to technical requirements. They convert these technical requirements to a code form.

  • Basis Administrator

This job profile entails the administration of SAP systems from the start to the end. This encompasses installation, infrastructure design, backup & recovery, networking, and high availability. It also means that the SAP Basis administrator has to gather all the technical requirements, present new and improved options, provide assistance in the decision-making process, and then implement the decided business processes into SAP infrastructure.

  • Project Management

A project manager has to undertake various tasks required by the project and supervise the teams that are working on the project. These tasks include managing the scope, cost, schedule, risk, quality, communications, and resources. He/she has to ensure that the project is in accordance with the schedule while remaining on budget. He/she often determines the shortest path that must be undertaken to complete the project on time. The job of the project manager also includes maintaining the high-quality output expected by the customer.

  • Technical/Security

This is considered the most crucial SAP job. Any technical candidate who is selected is expected to get involved in data security, design security, creation and administration of users from the start. The job usually entails gathering of data security requirements, design the separation of duties and the strategy to go about it. The decisions that are taken are then converted to SAP security configuration. The requirements are procured after talking to employees of the company and their security needs.

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