How to Become a Professional Interior Designer

Professional Interior Designer
Professional Interior Designer

Interior designing is a great field with pretty good scope. Interior designing is also a fun job for those who love design fields. Interior designers design and create living and working spaces for a variety of clients, either as freelancers or as part of a design firm. Designers often specialize in a particular area, such as green spaces, home design or corporate workspaces. Find out what you like to specialize in amongst the various fields available. Once you find your field of interest start researching about all the on-going advancements in your field. The following post is a guide to help you reach your goals of becoming an interior designer.

  1. Get a degree in interior designing

As a minimum requirement you need to have a bachelor’s degree in design. There are several design colleges in India where you can get a bachelor’s degree. A degree in the specific field is preferred, but one in another area is generally acceptable as long as it is accompanied by coursework in interior design. There is also an option of earning a degree in design by joining an online or correspondence course from a reputed institution. There are several interior design courses in Delhi that you can choose from.

  1. Do projects and internships

It is often difficult for new designers to land a job without any prior work experience. Many new interior designers start out by practicing their craft for free. Designers can offer their services to friends and family, or volunteer to help local non-profit services or organizations, or even small business unable to pay a professional designer. By working on these unpaid projects or internships you will gain enough experience to land a job of your dreams in the design field.

  1. Build a strong portfolio

It is very important to build a strong and unique portfolio. Take good quality pictures of all your best work and compile them professionally into a good portfolio. High-quality, comprehensive portfolio is the most crucial tool for interior designers seeking clients. It not only allows potential clients to view your best work, but it will also show off your ability to present yourself in a professional and well-organized manner. You can also include some of your sketches to add a personnel touch.

  1. Study further

There are many professional certifications designers can undertake as well as staying abreast of trends and changes through attending interior design conferences. A number of institutions have certificates in specialty areas, including: sustainable design, spatial theory, corporate interior design and designing historic spaces. You can also take part in several conferences, workshops and competitions.

  1. Work for friends

Start designing interiors for your friends, family and even yourself to gain experience. You can also help out a friend by designing the interiors for a party or any other special occasions to show case your work and gain more clients.

These are a few tips to help you achieve your dreams of becoming an interior designer. By following the above tips, you can get experience and hands on skill as to how to be an unique and valuable interior designer.

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