Important Tips for Chemistry Preparation in Class 12

Chemistry Preparation

Class 12 is involved with a lot of anxiety and tension. The students of the Science stream have to read Chemistry as a part of the compulsory subjects in their coursework. As per many students, Chemistry is not an easy subject. It requires a lot of understanding in order to get a good score in this subject. So, you should start your preparation as early as possible so that you can cover each and every concept properly. Chemistry is one of the three subjects in which you have toanswer questions in the Engineering and Medical Entrances. You have to take a solid preparation through step-by-step planning. At first, you have to check the prescribed syllabus, exam question pattern, and type of questions properly. Then you should proceed and make your preparation strategy.

Build a Strong Foundation

Start your Chemistry journey with CBSE class 12 Chemistry chapter 1 that is associated with ‘The Solid State’ chapter. This chapter involves both the theory as well as numerical parts. Note down and practice the formulas for solving the numerical problems properly. But, keep in mind; you have to clear the theory concept first, before moving to the numerical part. Ask your teacher if you face any kind of difficulty in any area. The textbook should be well-covered as per the syllabus. Likewise, chapter 1, you have to continue to chapter-2 and so on. Physical Chemistry part is rich with numerical questions. Write down and practice all the formulas properly, so that you can easily memorize them during the exam. Organic Chemistry needs a very good preparation as it is associated with some complicated concepts.

After completing the concepts of one chapter, start solving the exercise questions one by one. You should follow the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 in order to revise the theory questions and learn the techniques of the numerical questions. The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 The Solid State chapter is the exercise solution of the chapter‘The Solid State.’ You have to practice all the numerical techniques rigorously in order to have a great grip over them. In this way, solve all the exercises with the help of the NCERT Solutions. After completing the exercises, solve previous year questions. It will strengthen your concepts.

Why Mock Tests are Important?

Your preparation can’t be completed without giving the mock tests. These tests will be helpful to analyse your preparation, assess your weak areas, and help to understand your knowledge level. Give as much as mock tests as you can. But, start appearing for the mock tests much before the actual exam. Chemistry is a vast subject and to take a solid preparation, you have to revise the already learned concepts once a week and keep practicing the numerical questions. There are various websites available that provide guidance for the exam. A serious and solid preparation will surely bring you a get success. But, your preparation should be consistent till the exam. To avoid the exam rush, note down all the required formulas on one notebook and go through it before the exam.

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