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  • Daily wild shoes make you feel the tide of personality

    Casual shoes is our standard in life, how can not it less. Casual shoes will not be as difficult as leather shoes, you are going out to work or work, casual shoes is no better, and its material will be more lightweight. Xiaobian today to recommend you these kinds of casual shoes, so that you comfortable fashion both correct. Sports shoes really can be said to wear from small to a single product, the basic one foot will be able to feel full of vitality, make you full of vitality! Plate shoes is also a symbol of youth, simple lines, not full of gallbladder wearing a very comfortable Profile nike outlet store shape, and full of fresh art sense, any dress easily hold live!

    Bullock carving is actually a process, mainly composed of perforated patterns and zigzag decoration, because of the complicated craftsmanship and exquisite beauty, it has become a symbol of gentleman! Sailing shoes is also a British shoes, a large representative works, design inspiration From the Lok Fu shoes, but the rigorous process requirements to make it feel better, even the movement can wear! Tooling shoes was originally popular in Europe, a single product, is a special type of work in order to protect their own safety and the production of a Extremely heavy shoes, after years of washing, and now he is a wild model.

    2017-03-23 22:55:03
  • Wearing a high heels, in order to degenerate into a temperament goddess!

    Fashion with the fact is not very difficult, as long as the understanding of their own style, take a look at some high-quality star street shooting, will soon be able to "earth buns into" fashion up to people! But no matter how the biography, a lot of stars to enhance the clothing, but the shoes are really hard to say, good shoes is really know how to match the fashion Oh! Girls, wearing a high heels can really degenerate into a perfect goddess, this few will not mistake the wild high heels you absolutely need it! Pointed shoes are fashionable people who love the object, it not only has a strong personality characteristics, delicate and meticulous, but also make the female feet become slender, feet barely bow, wear more fashion charming. It has a pair of retro Mary Jane shoes is the first dream of many girls, fantasy in the fairy tale, can wear such shoes to participate in the same time, Court ball, met the handsome prince, began a romantic love. Patent leather fabric, so that shoes are born with a noble atmosphere, the word buckle design and added a bright spot for the shoes.

    Personality pointed design, neat, simple yet elegant, full and rich temperament. Fashion design of the comfortable upper, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture. Pointed heels have been Xiaobian favorite Oh, this heel is followed by thick and is in the heel, walking will not feel tired, the word buckle design, really very pleasant surprise Feeling, to the whole pair of shoes is not the same feeling, after wearing is definitely the focus! If you do not fight against the enemy, the male card to belong to someone else's belongings, nike store Xiao Bian recommended a secret, that is, "fast! Korean wild shoes with 5cm thick heel, so that you pass flat, In the wear high-speed snail climb, you have gracefully gracefully pulled the men's shopping street.

    Sapphire blue single product gives a fresh and refreshing feeling, very suitable for wearing in the summer, pointed design nice, simple shape conform to the current hot trend, rough with the style good wear is not tired, any girls are Can easily control!

    2017-03-23 22:48:28
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