basketball streetball

There is so much talk about basketball streetball these days, c’mon let’s talk some more about the street-ball phenomenon happening these days!

How do you become one of the best basketball players in street ball pick-up games since fouls are ALMOST NEVER called!?

You will want several abilities for this. The first thing I ‘d work on is ball handling. Streetball is all about outmaneuvering your competition to get the hoop. Team approaches do play a part, but undoubtedly not as in organized ball. Look up tricks and dribbling exercises as you can and soak up as much of that, and practice continuously. Learn to get near, under, and through your rivals on the court, with and with no ball. Other stop and killers and jog exercises are great for this.

Learn your competition and how to respond to them, together with the consistencies between all of your competitors’ motions in response to specific moves. When you learn how they respond, it is more easy to counter respond with something they do not anticipate.

Street ball is not for the weak of heart. You should not be there if you are gonna shout at someone for being unjust or weep about fouls. It’s a rugged game, you play only to play, and whatever occurs on the court occurs. Broken bones, bruises, and the wounds are worth it in the long run. This is the game some of the best ballers ever grew up playing.

Hope this helps!

How To Play Defense

Everyone wants to know how to play defense, but nobody wants to put in the work. This blog will show you how to get to that next level defensively!

First thing is first your conditioning is going to have to be great, great defenders have great amounts of energy. This energy will translate into opportunities defensively on the floor. Look at defenders like Ron Artest or Tony Allen who consistently make game changing plays happen. They don’t get blocks, steals, and deflections by chance, they get them because of hard work, and a high motor. You can outperform a more skilled player if you bring greater effort and intensity to the game than they do. Trust me this works, and always has worked. Even Bruce Bowen was able to slow down Kobe, it can be done if you put your 100% effort into it.

The next thing you want to focus on is positioning. You want to learn how to stay in between your man and the basket in a high intensity situation. There will be screens and fakes  all the time when you are guarding a marquee player. Make sure you learn how to stay with them at all times, like an annoying mosquito. Just making the offensive player have to run so much more will work in your favor. Tired offensive players tend to settle for jump-shots and shoot at a lower percentage. This is why conditioning is so damn important! You do not want to be the one who gets tired first in the matchup.

Your stance should be low to the ground, do NOT stand upright and relaxed. This is how players get beat off the dribble, you need to remember to stay alert and on your toes. Your low stance will help you cover more ground laterally and you can then spread your arms wide. This makes you a greater deterrent for the player who wishes to drive, if you are upright and straight you are easier to get around. You want to think of yourself as a net between the offensive player and the hoop. You don’t need to foul just stay attached like a leech.

The last important thing to focus on is NOT jumping for pump fakes, if you want to know how to play defense you need to know that falling for pumpfakes is stupid. This is how most shotblockers get into foul trouble, you don’t need to block the shot. You need to CONTEST it, there is a big difference. Plus you will rack up blocks when you train yourself to not go for the pumpfake, these blocks are much easier to get anyway.

If you focus on these 3 things you will surely see yourself improve to whole new levels. I hope you enjoyed this write up on improving your defensive skills.