Some Essential Tips on Mathematics for Exam

Tips on Mathematics

The 9th standard is a crucial phase as it is regarded as the fundamental phase of the upcoming board exam. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in studies. But, this subject is somewhat different from other subjects as it completely depends on the correct implementation and application of the concepts. Memorization is involved in the Algebra part, where you have to memorize the formulas. According to many students, Math is a difficult as well as a risky subject. Math is not difficult in the true sense; you just can’t solve them in your own way. The procedure should be correct and risk is that you can’t expect any mark if you commit a single mistake in your solution that makes Math a completely different from the other subjects. Sometimes, step marking is associated with the lengthy questions. But, it completely depends on the question pattern. Since Math is a logical subject you have to understand its each and every logic very clearly. After clearing one concept, solve the exercise questions one by one. If you face any difficulty, you can take help from the solution part of the respective chapter.

Attend your Math class regularly and take help from your Math teachers if you experience any kind of problem regarding any concept. The Class 9 Maths Ch-6 Lines And Angles is based on the chapter “Lines And Angles”. The particular chapter is associated with the Geometrical concepts and the questions are generally based on different Geometrical proofs and number of angles. The particular chapter is very important for the exam. It requires crystal clear understanding of the Geometrical concepts unless you can’t answer the proof related questions.

Before starting your preparation, you should make your preparation strategy. For your convenience, the following simple tips are given below:

  • Firstly, try to absorb the logic and then implement it in your solution.Make a notebook and practice the Algebra formulas at a regular interval.
  • You can’t be an excellent Math solver if you don’t practice lots of Math questions regularly.
  • The Math phobia can only be overcome by rigorous Math question-solving.
  • Practice the Geometrical shapes on a regular interval in order to draw them flawlessly in the exam.
  • Whenever you solve the Math questions, try to maintain a distance from the distracting things.
  • Check each and every step after the entire solution. It will create a habit on yourself and you will do the same during the actual exam.
  • After covering all the topics, you can solve the questions from the previous year question papers.
  • For brushing up your knowledge, you can appear for a number of mock tests before the exam.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Chapter 6 is based on the exercise question’s solutions of the particular chapter. When you cover the basic fundamental concepts of this chapter, start solving the exercise questions and if you face any difficulty somewhere, you can see the solutions. Try to memorize the solution pattern, instead of memorizing the solution itself. The particular chapter is purely based on fundamental Geometrical concepts, so give a special importance to this chapter.

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