Study Tips For Class 12 Physics

Study Tips For Class 12 Physics
Study Tips For Class 12 Physics

Physics is a fascinating science that helps us understand the universe we live in. Physics has also led to some great technological advancement. For a few fortunate individuals, being good at physics comes naturally while for others it requires a lot of hard work. But if approached in a right way, anybody can master this captivating science.

Physics is a compulsory science subject across all higher secondary boards in India. For students with aspirations of pursuing a science-related degree, performing well in Physics is crucial. Physics is primarily based on understanding principles and concepts. The class 12 physics isn’t just about understanding concepts but also you are required to remember plenty of formulas along with their application in numerical problems. So you have got a subject that can be really tricky to study if you don’t prepare well. Following are a few tips that can help you secure good marks in exams. 

Refresh on the Basics

Most of the things that you learn in a physics class are built upon what you have learnt in your previous classes. Hence, it becomes important to be strong in fundamental concepts to grasp a newly introduced concept accurately. Most of the things that you learn in class 12 is an accumulated knowledge for years thereafter. A class 12 student can brush through concepts taught in class 11 with the help of various resources available online. One of the best resource available for the same is the NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Physics. These consist of accurate solutions authored by experts in a detailed manner.

Don’t Try To Memorize

One shouldn’t blindly memorize the physics laws and formulas because memorisation is a low form of learning. Understand the laws and formula and make sure to work through its derivation. Once you understand formulas and laws at this level, memorisation comes easily.  

Practice Diagrams

Many answers in class 12 physics are incomplete without a diagram. Some of the diagrams that you come across might be difficult which means you need a lot of practice. Adding appropriate diagrams where ever possible will help you attain better marks than the ones who do not add any diagrams.

Hope these tips help you study physics effectively and help you attain better marks. To access NCERT solutions for class 11 of various subjects to brush up on the basics, you can visit the official site.

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