Top 3 English Creative Writing Classes in Singapore

Writing Classes in Singapore
Writing Classes in Singapore

There are numerous and amazing English creative writing classes, courses, enrichment programs and workshops in Singapore. It does not matter if your little one needs a little boost through kids tuition or if your child has a passion for writing and aspires to be a writer or an author. Here are the top three English creative writing classes in Singapore.

The British Council have been teaching English in Singapore since 1957. It is an excellent place for your child to start creative writing! From as early as primary one, children will learn about composition, the basic techniques of writing and hone their skills. Through these exercises, your child would gain the confidence they need to write a range of MOE text types. The writing lessons for children would also sharpen their writing skills for better and more complex composition with raised awareness of purpose, audience and context. As the class progresses, your child would have practised and gained a solid footing in more advanced writing techniques to produce quality pieces for success in school.

The Reading and Writing Programme offered by Mind Champs is another top English creative writing class in Singapore. This programme is the brainchild of early childhood literacy expert team led by Brian Caswell, a well-known authority with more than 40 years of success in developing learning, literary and creative programmes. The programme is designed to not only significantly enhance your child’s ability to read and write but also instil a champion mindset for confidence and higher order thinking. The Mind Champs writing programme works hand-in-hand with what your child is learning in school. It focuses on the understanding and creative aspects of writing, developing the desire, passion and self-confidence to write, rather than attempting to force a rote approach. The writing lessons for children would actively engage your child to understand what style of writing is the most appropriate for specific writing tasks. It also provides your child with different stimulus and development tools, based on actual professional writing processes.

MindChamps offer kids tuition that focuses on eight literacy skills that they deemed essential. Mind Champs would actively engage your child to develop their love for reading and writing. They would follow engagement with active understanding and narrative intelligence as well as higher order; teaching your child to understand what they read; nurturing your child’s thought process and intelligence to help make better sense of the world.  The fourth and fifth critical literacy skills are phonemic awareness and phonics. It is through these two skills that your child would learn to hear sounds in context and connect sounds to symbols using MindChamps’ unique phonics approach. Through fluency and vocabulary building, MindChamps would help your child to be familiar with the natural flow of the language and expand their vocabulary. The last skill that Mind Champs would be teaching is structural awareness; it helps your child to understand how language and sentences are constructed.

Champion Tutor believes that every child is gifted with raw imagination. While it offers at-home kids tuition, Champion Tutor does so by encouraging children to express their thoughts, feelings, imagination and ideas through creative writing. They believe creative writing is an artistic skill or form of expression for children. When trained to use it productively, creative writing sharpens your child’s abilities for essay or story writing with improved vocabulary.

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